Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to sit down and savor a cup of coffee and read the paper before you went in to work?  Wouldn’t it be lovely to not have that feeling of “shit, I’ve forgotten something” or general dread of the next hurried hour when your alarm goes off?  Well, this series is for you.  

Over the next several posts, I’m going to show you how to handle your mornings like a boss.  It takes a little extra effort and prep at other times of the day, but let me tell you it’s worth it.  You might not get that coffee and paper sitting at your kitchen table, but you’ll walk out of the house with your sanity and your makeup in check. 



Get in Gear (Thanksgiving Edition) - Make the Perfect Pie

Since I could remember, November marked the beginning of marathon baking when I was growing up. My mom would check the cabinets and go over all the baking essentials she needed from flour to mini cupcake liners to cookie sheets. Like the Boy Scouts would say, “Always be prepared.”

Get in Gear is meant to help jumpstart your efforts to being prepared in the kitchen. To kick off our new editorial, we found the essentials you need to make the perfect pie. No holiday is complete without a flakey crust filled to the brim with goodness.

  • Pastry Blender - A good pie crust starts with cold butter cut into the dry ingredients. When making crust from scratch, make the job easier on yourself with this pastry blender. The thumb rest and silicone handle make it comfortable to use. Instead of little wires to do the blending, the blades work more efficiently in cutting your shortening into your dry ingredients.
  • Rolling Pin - You took the time to make the perfect pie crust dough. Give it the full respect it deserves with a good rolling pin. The smooth rolling action of the axel lets you create the perfect thickness when rolling out the dough. Plus, it’s made in the USA.
  • Handheld Pies - I know you’re not going to make individual pies if you’re hosting a feast for 30, but you need to check out Chapter 3. You can create you’re own handheld pie in a jar. Portable and great for lunches. Plus, the recipe for cream cheese crust will be a new favorite in your pie making tradition.
  • Ruffled Pie Dish - You spent the time to make the crust of scratch and peel all those apples for your filling. Do yourself a favor and give your homemade pie a proper presentation.

These are the must have items to make pie making a success in your kitchen. Starting with quality ingredients and good tools will turn you into a pie making superstar.